Hot Glass Alley

Hot Glass Alley is a hot glass, art business, owned by artist, Jacob “Jake” M. Pfeifer.  Jake has just opened his new gallery and studio at 438 Atando Avenue, Charlotte, NC  28206.   Jake Pfeifer is a young, aspiring, American artist; among the next generation of craftsmen working with their hands; carrying forward glass making traditions that are thousands of years old.

Jake takes pride in his handmade art. Jake creates art glass using traditional Italian, Swedish and Contemporary techniques that reflect a personal glass art style of his own expression and design. Each piece receives his dedication to uncompromising quality. Hot Glass Alley is proud of their reputation for excellence and consistency.

We offer a variety of glass vessels, small sculptures, functional pieces, seasonal gifts, and art glass objects in several unique series and forms; as well as one-of-a-kinds & corporate gifts. Hot Glass Alley offers a broad color palette and price range.

Pieces are fully polished, signed, and dated by the artist. Hot Glass Alley is located in the United States, and all products are handmade by Jake and his assistants.


Hot Glass Alley’s mission is to promote an understanding of, and appreciation for the art of blowing glass. And, to offer a high quality art glass product that meets the needs and budgets of individual interests.