Wedding Reticello Bowl

Wedding Reticello Bowl

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A great center piece for the head table is a reticello wedding bowl, creating a unique keepsake that can be displayed and cherished in your new home. Just as the lines on the bowl intersect and create new patterns, so too will your lives intersect. Each time you look at this piece you will be reminded of the love and commitment that was commemorated on your special day.

Reticello involves the technique of merging two cane networks twisted in opposite directions creating a net like appearance. Each diamond shaped by the crossing cane contains a small air bubble. The small bubble results in a slight low spot between the two cane pieces as they cross. (See GLASSIPEDIA). It is considered one of the most time consuming and technically difficult Venetian glass techniques. The Wedding Reticello Bowl is only available in white which represents the purity of marriage. The particular beauty and intricate shape represents the many aspects of the marriage to come. This art piece is a low bowl with a foot and comes with a clear acrylic stand for display in your home. This bowl is part of the WEDDING series. A poem has been written for and by HGA.


Lines of color, once separate, now one
Like you, entwined in a new life ribbon
Crisp and distinct yet clearly in rhyme
Forge the bubbles of mem’ries caught in time
The ring of the bowl chimes in harmony
One sound but two lives in one solidarity
New partners, the bonding of many parts
Are better as one, as they’re linked by their hearts


10 inches in diameter with sides of 1-2 inches high.
Includes clear acrylic stand


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Weight 1.8 lbs