Shot Glass

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These shot glasses are for the discriminating connoisseur of fine liquors.  The shot glass makes a statement about the owner while still being functional.  They make a fine gift for groom’s men at a wedding party.  Read about the history of shot glasses in the GLASSEPEDIA.   They may be purchased individually or as a group.  The shot glasses are part of both the WEDDING and SMALL AND SEASONAL series.  Special color orders are available but at an increase production cost (call or eMail us for details).

Please see the DRINKWARE section in the “GLASS FORMS” for additional examples of drinkware.

Stratus Blue with White Spots, Black with Orange Spots, Black with Red Spots, Transparent Cobalt Blue with White Spots,  Black with White Spots, Transparent Cerulean Blue with White Spots,  Black with Orange Shards and Red with White Spots

2½ inches tall with a 2 inch wide opening