Cane Amphora Vases

Cane Amphora Vases

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This vase has a traditional amphora shape, based on the original design from Ancient Egyptian shipping vessels.  Ideal for flower arrangements, this piece brings a bit of the old world into a modern setting.  With its flared opening, medium to long stemmed flowers work well in this vase. Part of the CANE SERIES, the making of this piece is a multi-step process.  The first step is the making of the individual cane pieces.  Next is to design the patch work cane pattern.  Finally, reheat the cane into a semi-molten stage and form the shape of the piece, an urn with a flared top.

Other types of vases can be found in the VASES section of the “GLASS FORMS”. To learn more about amphorae please see the GLASSIPEDIA.

Black & White, Black & Red and Blue & White

9 inches tall and 5-5½ inches wide


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Black & White, Black & Red, Blue & White