One-of-a-Kinds & Corporate Gifts

Want to offer your customers something unique? HGA offers numerous One-of-a-Kind Glass Art pieces. Each is hand crafted using the encalmo, reticello, cane and/or engraved/sandblast techniques of the Italian Glass Masters.

The Native American Vessels depicted in this brochure represent One-of-a-Kind Glass Art pieces inspired by Jake’s Cherokee heritage. It incorporates 3 separate techniques to create this unique series: encalmo, graal and sand-blasting. The encalmo/graal technique allows for different colors of glass to be layered inside and out. The sand-blasting allows the inside color to be seen. To HGA’s knowledge the use of these three techniques together to make single pieces of art is original. The names of the pieces are Native American and the patterns are taken from known antique Indian basket designs.

Ever have a customer ask you if you can suggest or help them with corporate gifts? HGA makes custom corporate gifts for a variety of clients. The series of blue vases were for the Charlotte, NC Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Awards. Next time let HGA help you help your customer!

Please contact us if you are interested in One-of-a-Kinds & Corporate Gifts.
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