Treasure Series

Treasure Description

These objects hold the mystery of sunken treasure, a starry night, a nebulous galaxy or the majestic seascape of the Kauai Na Pali Coast. Discover new beauty and depth with every use! Each pattern requires a unique process and thus creates the luxurious, cosmic look that will be a treasure for any home.

The rich designs make these pieces especially ideal for winter flowers. However, some people prefer to use them as standalone art objects.

The vases come in four shapes: Chubby Urn, Teardrop, Reverse Amphora, Cylinder, Footed Teardrop & Pill. You may choose between three patterns: Pinch & Twist, Pineapple and Optic Stripe.

This series is consistently one of our best sellers.  New this year are cylinder vases and footed teardrop vases.

If you wish to see additional types of vases, please refer to VASES in the “GLASS FORMS”.