Small and Seasonal

Small and Seasonal Description

This series consists of small gifts and seasonal decorations. With a large variety of items including ornaments, ghosts, pickles, paper weights, bowls and decorative items, they make affordable glass gifts. Ideal personal gifts for any occasion or the event for individuals, friends, family, teachers or colleagues. The giver will be remembered for their thoughtfulness each time the owner sees or uses them.

Ornaments may be used as Friendship Balls as well as decorations during the Holiday Season.  They come in a whirl stripe (flip flop), optic (vertical stripe) and snowflake.  They come in a multifaceted texture (pineapple) pattern or smooth.  This year the 2016 limited edition (no more than 200 will be sold) ornament of the year is a Pink/Gold multifaceted (pineapple) globe.  The ghosts can be used as decorations or ornaments.   Peppers come in red, yellow, purple, orange, pale orange & green.  They are often bundled but are also sold as single ornaments.  Christmas pickles are available as mustard and dill.

New this year are the ghosts, sea urchin paper weights and the inaugural issue of the ornament of the year.  New colors for the ornaments include white and teal.  New color for the scallop bowls is teal.

For more examples of VASES, SMALL SCULPTURES, BOWLS, ORNAMENTS, LIGHTING, PAPER WEIGHTS and DRINKWARE, please refer to the corresponding section in the “GLASS FORMS”.