The Glassipedia is a tool to help the relatively glass naïve individual navigate in discussions, conversations and observations with the personnel and artists in hot glass. It is not a reference guide; it is not the quintessential guide; it is not comprehensive; and, it is not written from an authoritarian viewpoint. It is solely created to serve as a quick reference/guide to Hot Glass Alley, LLC (HGA) and glass blowing.

Sometimes terms are spelled differently by various artists (we have tried to include as many spelling alternatives as possible); sometimes the same item will have different names (the Glassipedia has attempted to include all the terms for a given activity or object); and, some terms are specific to HGA and may not apply to other hot glass companies or artists.

The information is for general education only and the Glassipedia is considered to be a “work in progress” by HGA. If there are additional terms or definitions you feel HGA should add, please let us know. Comments and suggestions are also appreciated.

For utility and ease of use, all words are classified into one of four categories: Equipment/Item/Tool, Person, Process/Action or Term.

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